Internship Experience as a Software Engineer

I am pursuing my software engineering in Nepal. In my final year, I had a chance to involve in the real world of software development through an internship.

I was always eager about, whether the pattern we follow as a student for product development syncs with the real world development procedure or not? As a student, I haven’t even the faintest idea and haven’t got a chance to counter with the real-life project working in production. Self-developed Projects used to work as expected, but was not sure if that how really happens in the factual scenario. Basically, our project used to solve the aimed problem that was meant to solve, but from the perspective of quality of the product? I was uncertain. The project used to straggle behind In terms of scalable, maintainable, readable and clean code, and many other attributes which matter in an industry framework.

Before joining as an intern I had the opportunity to work on a small project with my colleague who was involved in a job as a software developer already. Working with him aided much to grip concept on how to write code in the real scenario to a certain extent. I had pushed my level of confidence working on my own project based on a particular domain to a degree. This helped me to procure the first internship opportunity.

The first company I got associated with as an intern was a start-up ran by the CEO and CTO performing the role of developers concurrently. This gave me an insight into business along with the technical knowledge for which I was involved for. More importantly, I got privileged to learn the debugging skills that I hadn’t comprehend during my self-learning.

After a month I got an opportunity in another company to work as an intern in the same stack. To extend my horizon of knowledge this was yet another golden chance to work in a start-up company again. And Working on a start-up comes with various challenges as well. Let’s see the bright side of start-up for now. I got acquainted with senior developers, who were working since the establishment of the company. I am privileged to get myself working with senior developers who would help me broaden my concept. Regular talks, discussion on the business idea and implementation helped me grasp the business model in the short run. We have to involve in design, testing, coding, deployment, participating in the business ideas discussion etc. Getting involved in various aspect of the software development life cycle, I find it helps me in increasing my number of skill sets.

Previously I used to ignore clean and maintainable code while working on my own projects. Joining an intern and working as a team made me realize, that is the major attribute to determine the quality of codes. In the initial days, it was a bit difficult to dive into the code base of the previous developer. Later on, got used to it, and realized the ability to write readable and maintainable code has a high priority. I got an opportunity to work for the application which was soon to be launched. That project encompasses feature like google maps which was new for me. Senior developer aided me in writing code, along with the idea behind the project.

Being an intern, my first goal is to learn and bridge the gap between academics and the industry. So, learning is the prime concern. A proper way of supporting the intern helps in learning and developing them. I notice two way of supporting intern or junior developers. That is initial support and later on support. Initial support can be denser, helping explore the idea behind the project, and helping to understand the code itself. Later on, support can be abstract support for ideas, logics, clean code and efficient code. I got the similar way of learning approach, which helped me grow a better version of myself.

Posted by Madhav Gautam


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