First App On Google Play - Experience

Google Play Store is a platform for sharing various contents. Google Play is pre-installed on most of the device out there. It serves as the official app store for certified devices running on Android. Play Store is a service provided by Google. From an application developer perspective, it's a getaway to the global market.

For an independent developer publishing their application is one of the exciting moment of their life. In this article, we tried to present to you some of the excitement and suggestions from the developer who just published their first application.

Poshan Pandey

Hello, I am Poshan Pandey a newbie in the Google Play Store. I recently launched my application Hacker News Plus in the Google play store and I am here to share that experience with y"all. Uploading application in the play store is soo thrilling.

Let me clear that It's nothing like uploading a photo or video on social networks. Every step you take, every checkbox you check, is gonna affect your app review. The whole process is very important for your application. The destination of your app depends on how well you filled in information in the initial phases. After you fill a whole lot of forms it's not guaranteed that your app will be seen in the store. You should make sure you filled in the right information. My app itself got rejected at first. After you complete your form and send your app for production or release, the wait for the result of the review is truly an adventure. That adrenaline rush that you feel every time you check the result is really amazing.

Let's say, your app gets published, now the real rush begins, every new install gives you soo much happiness. But it begins to fade when the download won't increase, It was such a disappointment. But I think more than being sad about the numbers of download you should focus on making your app better and more useful to users. Here are some suggestion I want to give you if you are looking forward to releasing your first app on the Google Play Store:

  • Read every single line in the form carefully.
  • Make the description of your app short and simple. Make sure it depicts what your app actually is.
  • Design a really good graphic design for your application.
  • Your app logo is what the user sees first. It is your application's first impression. Make sure it looks appealing.
  • Be honest while answering the questions.
  • Make sure everything is ready in your application. Don't rush to publish.

Saroj Bhattarai

I was happy! For a period of time, I was switching here and there to learn languages and I was leaving them the middle way. I dedicated myself for the first time to learn android and I was excited I created my own google account and publish my first app. It was a quote app. Actually, this may not be a huge achievement, but for me, it was very huge.

I will continue this journey.

Sagar Devkota

Hello, It's been some years since I first published my first application. I am here to share my android development experience.

During high school, I was introduced to Java. I just downloaded and started typing whatever they were typing, did not understand much, but I enjoy doing it.

Once I joined the college I was introduced to the Android Basics of Udacity. It was an official course from Google. I followed those tutorials, by then I had already studied some C and C++ in college, so it was going well. When I learned some intent, I created a simple app, with the word "Time and Update", when clicked there, it will open an intent for the browser application.

Being in Nepal, back then there was no option of payment, so There was no way to publish the application. Luck me one of my roommate relatives visited us, He was from the US. I asked can I make a payment? I don't have enough. It's just 25$. Oh that much, here you go.

I did not have much knowledge to make a real-world app. I was so excited to play around with google play, I proceed to the app publication. And Surprisingly, it got published. It took about 3 days, I used to check the mail and play console every moment possible.

After two months, I published an app called Class of 2020, Which include Class Routines, Class Members. 

It was exciting to get all those feedbacks and suggestions from class members, Publishing the class-related application and getting that much support from the class gives lots of encouragement to publish other apps.


Everything you build feels the perfect one, Every application and project out there need some kind of improvement, if you can publish your application, other users can catch your blind spot and suggest some suggestions to improve it. If your application is really good with lots of value, you have the power to share it with the world as well.

Poshan Pandey
Saroj Bhattarai
Sagar Devkota