Here are some of the tools, that has been developed over the year. These tools were developed while learning and some of them as needed.

Nepali Calendar Patro (BS) 

Nepali Calendar is a simple application Calendar for Bikram Sambat. A plain calendar only Application. This application is using what is called PWA, which let the calendar work on offline mode as well. Learn More ›

Is This a Word? 

A simple website, which let you check if the given string is a valid word or not. You can use this on your own site as well, by including a script provided. Learn More ›

Pokhara University Results

This Project takes a URL of pdf result from Pokhara University, extract the result from it. This site allows you to explore results based on symbols number, Year, Faculty. The initial goal was to provide an API for the results. Which is not yet developed. Learn More ›

Nepali Typing

You can type in Romanized Nepali. Get Unicode. Learn More ›

Preeti to Unicode

Tool to convert Preeti to Unicode. Learn More ›

Unicode to Preeti

Tool to Convert Unicode to Pretti. Learn More ›

Bunny Jump

A simple game, developed using Godot. Learn More ›

Personal Website

A simple website template, If you have a website and don't have much time to invest in developing your personal website. you can use this with a bit of modification. Learn More ›

Countries with states and dial code

A simple API like static website to get countries and their code (2 char and 3 char), Capital, Region, SubRegion and dialCode. Learn More ›


Quizzes to prepare yourself for various competitive examinations. Various Categories are available. Computer, Forestry, GK, History, IQ, Science. Learn More ›

Note Search

A simple website to search for notes and download them. Notes from Engineering of Pokhara University included. Learn More ›

SocketIO Client Online Client Online, is a tool to test and develop your socket application without worrying about developing the client-side. Here you can listen to any number of events, you can emit any events. Learn More ›

National Languages

There is 200+ mother tongue within Nepal, which are on the verge of extension. language death occurs when a language loses its last native speaker. By extension, language extinction is when the language is no longer known, including by second-language speakers. A simple attempt to preserve languages. Learn More ›

Learn Gurung

A simple application to learn Gurng Language. It is an android app. Learn More ›

This Year so Far 

This Year so far is a simple application, that shows the ratio of days completed and remaining days for the current year. You can use this to track how much work you have achieved so far, as per your yearly Target. Learn More ›

IPO Result of Multiple Users 

IPO Result of Multiple Users is a simple website that allows users to view the result of multiple BOID at once. We used the data from to make this website works. Learn More ›